The Iga Ninja and Toda Hisajiro in Edo

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I have found evidence that shows Tokugawa Ieyasu relocated many Iga Shinobi (Iga no Mono/Iga Doshin) to a place called Musashino in Edo (Tokyo).

More importantly, these Shinobi were the brothers in arms of Toda Hisajiro. As I have explained in my book, Hidden Lineage, his family was also relocated there several generations before him to serve the Tokugawa family when they moved the capital to Edo. Toda Hisajiro’s registrar stamp shows that he was based out of this Musashino region.

Tokugawa Ieyasu and his family had a long history of using Shinobi from Iga and Koka and relocated some of these ninja from Iga to a village called Ekoda and to another village to the east of Musashino called Tama.

Some of these men from Iga were also responsible for manufacturing and transporting gunpowder and ammunition for the sharpshooter units’ muskets. They managed patrols in Sendagaya, where the family of Toda Hisajiro had a huge falconry training and hunting grounds.

The area where these shinobi all lived is now completely developed but, in the past,, it was a village with rice fields in the front and the elite samurai families of Musashino living to the rear.


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高橋源一郎 (1928)

musashino Rekishi Chiri Tōkyō Seikō Tōkyō Seinankō Musashino Historical Geography West Suburbs Tokyo Southwest Suburbs Volume 2, by Takahashi Genichiro


Sean Askew 導冬 Doto

Bujinkan Kokusai Renkoumyo

January 24, 2020

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