Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Hard Cover (武神館武道体術)


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For Serious Bujinkan Martial Arts Collectors

We have a limited number of copies in stock of Dai-Shihan Alex Esteve’s out of print book “BUJINKAN BUDO TAIJUTSU”. They are in mint condition, still in their original shrink wrap from over 20 years ago. This luxury-quality hardcover book is 286 pages of beauty. Full of amazing photos and artwork. It is in very high demand and for good reason. I believe it to be the best book out there as an introduction to what the Bujinkan is and who some of the greats in the art are. This is not a technical “how-to-book”, it is so much more than that.

Alex painstakingly details the structure of the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, its origins and concepts. He then introduces many of the top instructors worldwide by providing articles on various topics by these masters. It is a masterpiece that belongs in every dojo to welcome any newcomers to the art. This book is valued at approximately $100 USD due to it being out of print for 20 years and its lasting high demand. But I am selling these for only $85 plus shipping and handling, and they are in absolute perfect condition. This is first come first serve, so you will need to act quickly as these are guaranteed to sell fast!

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