Part 24 of the Yasuda Ryu Ninjutsu Densho – Movements for Carrying Out Shinobi Attack Tactics


Movements for carrying out shinobi attack tactics



The movements for carrying out attacks are the same as those of a shinobi attack against an unmoving target. If it is still daytime and only a portion of the enemy remains, those on your side will temporarily disperse and wait until the enemy shinobi are no longer on alert. It is good to get (directly) to your pre-planned gathering place. In such a case (of making an attack), consider the possibility that it may not be successful, and decide in advance your movements (your allies), and set up a command and communication system for any situation that may arise.


The members of our Shinobi clan should pay attention to the following points when attacking.

  • 敵の本陣、主として御大将、重要人物を探すか捕虜の事。

When in the enemy’s camp look mainly for the Generals or important people and take them as prisoners of war.



Regarding important documents. Obtain them. When you can not obtain them, burn them. If its not possible to burn the location (that holds the documents), use gunpowder, blow it up, and at that time also blow up the smoke signal towers and guardhouses. Understood? Even though we are called Shinobi, it is usually difficult to see inside the enemy’s main camp, so you must carefully observe the enemy’s position and take countermeasures based on their movements.

  • 敵の住民を利用せば、よき時ままあり。されど寝替える時あり。用心の事。

If you can make use of the enemy’s own people, it will make things easier. But there are times when they change their minds (betray). Be careful of this.


This is also discussed in another section.


If you can capture soldiers from the enemy camp that is good. But this (usually) an impossible thing to do, but if the opportunity arises, have this intent. Understood?

  • 御大将を攻撃の時は、行軍中はとくによし。

When attacking the (enemy) General, it is especially good to do so during the march.

  • 御大将の宿また此れもよし、されど敵も寝ずの番の者多数おるものにして、用心の事。

The inn of the (enemy) General is also good. But the enemy also has many men who keep watch without sleeping, so be careful.

End of part 24

Translated by Sean Askew  – 導冬 –

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