Part 19 of the Yasuda Ryu Ninjutsu Densho

(From Soke’s book Ninpo Taizen)

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During shinobi activities, in the case that the movement of the enemy’s attack is large, depending on the number of people and the use of the terrain for vigilance and defense, we must limit their movements. Shinobi should not focus on attacking the enemy first, avoid this as much as possible. The first priority is to not be attacked by the enemy. Moreover, in the event of a retreat, the scouts should decide the preliminary reserve locations in advance. It is good to take measures for times like this. (There are times when the scouts are captured by the enemy, and this is to be discussed. Take this into consideration and prepare countermeasures for this. Understood?)

The wind speed near the ground on flat ground is maximum from early afternoon to around 4 pm. On the other hand, in an area of hilly terrain, or up in the mountains, the wind speed is higher at night.  So, on the plains in the daytime and on the high ground at night, be careful of fire.

During shinobi activities (the scouts), in order to make it easy for (our) shinobi to infiltrate, be careful of the enemy, especially the enemy’s shinobi. Regarding the scouts, their specific main objective is to hide or conceal the main forces. For this, send the scouts out far, in four laps, and be sure the scouts thoroughly communicate with the main forces. Especially even in the forest, do not let your guard down. Understood?  In the case of the enemy cannot see me and I cannot see the enemy, once noticed, there is a big risk that the discovered main forces will be attacked. You should make your movements keeping in mind the thought that the first one to find the enemy will win. Understood? If someone who seems to be an enemy discovers or knows about our troops, arrest them and investigate them thoroughly, like the roots of a blade of grass. Do the best you can to not kill them.

To be continued…




Sean Askew – 導冬 Doto

Bujinkan Kokusai Renkoumyo

June 8th, 2020

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