A bujinkan event

featuring grandmaster

yukio noguchi

history techniques and traditions of the koto ryu

march 5, 6, & 7TH 2022

las vegas @ the industrial event space

Noguchi Taikai Las Vegas 2022 Pictures

These free, downloadable pictures are thanks to Shannon Moceri, very much appreciated!

These are all the photos we have so if you have more we urge you to put them up on Facebook for everyone to see.

We had an incredible time and hope to see all of you in January for the next one!!

For pictures of Noguchi Sensei on the stage please see Sheila Haddad’s website click here.

Thank you and best regards,

Sean and Kei Askew

Noguchi Sensei has been consistently training with Bujinkan Headmaster Hatsumi Soke for more than 49 years and is one of the most skilled senior instructors in the organization. He was a staple at all of the Bujinkan Taikai held all around the world all through the 80s, 90s and 2000’s,This will be the first time in many years that Noguchi Sensei will be returning to the USA. He will be teaching his art for three full-days in “Sin City” March 5, 6 & 7th 2022. Please join us for the training and the fun!!!

yukio noguchi


March 5th (SaT)

Register and Check In

First Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Second Session (Mark Lithgow )

Third Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Fourth Session (Alex Esteve)

Fifth Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Evening Open

March 6th (SUN)

Register and Check In

First Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Second Session (Alex Esteve)

Third Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Fourth Session (Marcio Deshi) 

Fifth Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Dinner Set Up

Party & Banquet Dinner

March 7th (MON)

Register and Check In

First Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Second Session (Marcio Deshi)

Third Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Fourth Session (Mark Lithgow)

Fifth Session (Noguchi Sensei)

Closing Remarks

VIP After Party

registration fee

registration cut off date is feb 19th 2022

Register by 10/7/21

$ 395 Per person

Register by 12/7/21

$ 425 Per person

Register by 2/19/22

$ 450 Per person

optional add-ons

Sunday Buffet

$ 34 Per person
  • Luxurious Western-Style Buffet Dinner With Noguchi Sensei After Training On Sunday Evening With a Cash Bar

3-Day Lunch

$ 65 Per person
  • get a delicious lunch each day quick and easy without leaving the event space, Vegas can be expensive and busy

3-day drink

$ 26 Per person
  • access to the all you can drink station from 10am to 5pm, water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices to keep you hydrated

VIP After Party

$ 150 Per person
  • we will have a VIP formal after party with plated dinner service at one of the fantastic restaurants on the strip


2330 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 423-3946

recommended hotels

with airport shuttle and within walking distance to the event

if you will have a car, any hotel on or near the strip is fine