The NOGUCHI TAIKAI is open to all Bujinkan practitioners worldwide. But there are only 333 spaces available, so act fast to reserve your space for this once in a lifetime opportunity to train with one of the greats in Las Vegas!!!
Training will take place all day Saturday, all day Sunday and a final full day on Monday. Noguchi Sensei will teach 3 sessions each day and there will be several other sessions each day with our fantastic guest instructors from all over the world. We promise there will be no shortage of training opportunities to keep you busy all day and leave your nights open to enjoy the beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas.
There will be an optional celebratory buffet style dinner on Sunday night followed by another optional VIP dinner party with plated dinner on Monday evening for those who want to have a more fun with Noguchi Sensei after the training stops.
An optional 3-day lunch package is also available as there are no places to eat in the immediate area of the seminar location. If you will not have a rental car to move around the city at your own discretion, we highly recommend this option. There is also an optional all-day beverage station including water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. to keep you hydrated during the event.