Pam Dunsky has been training in Bujinkan since 1995 under Jeff Ochester at Dayton Bujinkan Martial Arts, where she is also co-owner. She has trained annually Hatsumi Sensei, Noguchi Sensei and Nagato Sensei in Japan since her first training trip in 2001. She teaches at DBD and has taught regularly at regional US Taikai events. Pam holds a 15th degree black belt in Taijutsu and was awarded Daishihan by Nagato Sensei.  Pam has trained regularly in Japan since 2001 and has taught regularly at regional US Taikai events. She was on the committee for the Nagato US Taikai and enjoyed training at Noguchi Sensei’s Taikai in Las Vegas.
Pam also studies taichi and is an avid yoga practitioner and certified instructor. These lateral practices have enhanced balance, focus, discipline and mobility skills for continued training in Bujinkan Taijutsu. She is the owner of Thrive Yoga Studio and has enjoyed a career in Financial Services as a technology and business.  She’s grateful to Hatsumi Sensei for the vast community and training journey she has been fortunate to share with husband Marty and son Kevin for over 27 years.
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