Gabor was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary and was attracted to martial arts since childhood, even though they were difficult to access in his country at that time. He started playing Judo at the age of 6, but when he saw an advertisement for ninjutsu training for the first time, he immediately made the change to ninjutsu. That was in 1992, when Bujinkan training was still in its infancy in Hungary.
In 2000, Bujinkan Dai Shihan Dean Rostohar started traveling to Hungary to give seminars. Gabor was very impressed by his extremely precision movement, based on his experiences in real combat, and his approach to Budo Taijutsu as a living system that can be used in today’s world. In 2006, Gabor’s Hungarian Bujinkan instructor moved abroad and handed over the management of the dojo to him, where he has been holding training sessions, seminars and camps without interruption ever since. From that time on he considers himself a direct disciple of Bujinkan Dai Shihan Dean Rostohar.
Gabor first visited Japan in 2001, where he spent 3 months training with the Japanese masters, and has returned every year since 2013 to further his studies in the Bujinkan martial arts.


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