Noguchi Sensei postponed the event from 2021 to March of this year (2022) and waited until he received his COVID-19 vaccine before confirming for March of 2022. Our stance has not changed for the 2023 event. Therefore, it is expected that all who attend this Taikai are taking similar precautions. We want to do everything in our power to protect everyone that attends the event and the Bujinkan community at large from COVID-19.

With this in mind, we are providing the following guidance:

If you are feeling ill or have a high temperature, please do not attend the event.

Follow the advice of your physician about whether to get the vaccine.

If you will not be vaccinated at the time of the Taikai, please consider quarantining yourself before attending the event as a precaution.

If you are high risk or are immunocompromised, we strongly suggest talking with a physician before attending the event.

Hand sanitizer stations will be on site throughout the event.

To give everyone, the best Taikai experience possible, we must have an accurate understanding of the number of attendees. For this reason, the registration fees include all two and a half days of training. One-day training fees are not available.

However, pricing is tiered to benefit those who register early. ​Registration ends on February 14th, 2023.

No last-minute registrations will be accepted “at the door”.

You must register online before the event, so register today!

Yes, absolutely, just go back to our registration page at any time and purchase the options you wish. They will be added to your registration.


Please note, we completely understand that things come up and some who register may not be able to attend. But keep in mind that we commit registration funds to event costs. There will be no full refunds at any time for any reason. If you need to cancel at ANYTIME, you will get your money back minus $200 that has already been committed to expenses weather you show up or not. This rule is not flexible. You may sell your ticket to another person but you must let us know their name so we can properly register them.

Pictures and video will not be allowed during training sessions. This will be enforced by event security. A photographer and videographer will document all two and a half days of the event. These photos will be shared on social media and accessible to you for free! A time and location for a group photo and potentially individual photos with Noguchi Sensei will be announced during the event. Photos during the breaks and the dinner party are allowed.

It is recommended attendees wear a full training uniform during all training sessions. But if Noguchi Sensei chooses not to wear a uniform jacket and teaches in a t-shirt, please follow his lead.

(No vulgar or inappropriate t-shirts will be allowed during training.)

All attendees are to wear cloth-sole tabi, leather-sole tabi, indoor sneakers, or at least socks during training. Bare feet will not be permitted.

For those attending the Saturday evening Dinner celebration, the dress code is “business casual / party attire.” Dress or button-down shirts and slacks are recommended.

The Sunday night VIP party is still TBD and more details will be released as we get closer to the event, but the dress code is always “dress to impress”.

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