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The Iga Ninja and Toda Hisajiro in Edo

Yesss!!! More information regarding our beloved Toda Hisajiro… I am really on a roll now… I have found evidence that shows Tokugawa Ieyasu relocated many Iga Shinobi (Iga no Mono/Iga Doshin) to a place called Musashino in Edo (Tokyo). More importantly, these Shinobi were the brothers in arms of Toda Hisajiro. As I have explained in my book, Hidden Lineage, his family was also relocated there several …

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The Toda Clan’s Iga Connection

Great news!!! and still more to come as I am still probing into this old manuscript… While searching for information on the historical Tozawa Hakuunsai, the founder of our school of Gyokko Ryu martial arts, I came across a few bits of information I would like to share from a book titled “The New Edition of the Geography of Iga” (1939), written by Mr. Nakano Kaneo. This …

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