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Part 19 of the Yasuda Ryu Ninjutsu Densho

(From Soke’s book Ninpo Taizen) For parts 1 through 20 please see my previous blog posts in the translations section. Enjoy! 忍長は攻撃をなす時は、目標付近に我が動き。目標の動き。 When the shinobi commander attacks, we move near the target. (Observe the) Target’s movements. 地形等を見、準備の太め一ヵ所または数ヵ所を置く事。よいな。このために右の事に心を付ける事。 Looking at the terrain, etc., make plentiful preparations at one or more places (in the area). Understood? For this, keep in mind the following points: 攻撃目標、またその付近の下見。便にして攻撃によき所。 Case the target of …

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The Toda and the Tozawa

I received an inquiry by email asking if I had any reason to believe that the Toda family of the Togakure Ryu had any real historical relationship to the Tozawa family. The question was being raised because Takamatsu Toshitsugu claimed to be a descendant of Tozawa Hakuunasai, the founder of the Gyokko Ryu lineage of ninjutsu. He claims this on his maternal grandfather’s side, via Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu. In my amateur opinion, yes there is enough evidence to suggest that the Tozawa and the Toda clans were …

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