In the 1603 CE, Izumo no Okuni, from the land of Izumo, is said to have created the art of Kabuki. But she may also have been a spy… Born around 1572, Izumo no Okuni (出雲阿国) was a young shrine maiden who at some point creatively began singing and performing new kinds of dances in a dry riverbed of the Kamo River in the capital of Kyoto. Read More
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These past few years there seems to have been a surge in the interest of shuriken-jutsu, both within the Bujinkan community and in the overall martial arts scene in general. So, at BKRBUDO we have started to carry a special line of hand-made shuriken on our website by the martial artist SHIZUMA 静馬 or “calm horse”. Pictures and custom order instructions will be on the site soon!!! So, in Read More
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