Togakure’s 33 Sacred Shugendo Caves of Antiquity 戸隠の三十三所の聖なる修験道の古窟 When talking about the history and origins of the Togakure Ryū, we must inevitably look at the Hakuun Ryū and the Gyokko Ryū. These three legendary individual lineages of ninjutsu are so closely interrelated that it is often difficult to tell them apart. 戸隠流の歴史や起源を語るとき、必然的に白雲流と玉虎流に目を向けざるを得ない。この3つの伝説的な忍術の系統は、相互に密接に関連しているため、見分けるのが難しいこともあります。 Gyokko Ryū, according to Bujinkan tradition, is the original martial art to be practiced in Read More
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TōdōTakatora was the head of the Tokugawa intelligence units for the first 3 generations of Tokugawa rule, so in a sense, one can certainly say he was the head of the shinobi forces of Iga. He was able to attain this lofty position because he had previously been the lord of Ise, next to Iga, and learned to use the shinobi and ninjutsu-tsukai well. Through historical documents we know Takatora received orders from Read More
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