The Togakushi roots of the Akiba faith
Akihasan (Akiha Mountain) is said to have first been opened up and explored by the Buddhist monk Gyoki in the second year of the Yōrō era (718 CE), during the reign of empress Genshō-tennō (元正天皇). The site of the first temple was called Daitozan Reiun-In (大登山霊雲院) and the main Kannon statue of the temple was said to have been hand made by Gyoki himself. It was a Read More
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Headmaster Hatsumi and the venerable late Grandmaster Takamatsu
吾れ々々お互が、死と云うものを考えた時、どんな感じがするか、何だか飽気無い、寂しい感じがする。それは死後の考え方によるものである。 Individually, when each one of us thinks about death, how do we feel? Somehow tireless and lonely. It is a post-mortem concept. 死という永遠の旅から帰って来た人の物語りを聞いた実例も無いから、当然淋しさを感ぜられるのが人間の心情である。 Because there is no actual example of hearing the story of a person who has returned from the eternal journey of death, the natural human emotion to this is loneliness. 末開人霊魂観を始め、素朴なものには、この死という考えが色々と判断せられ、墓場から人魂が飛んだり、干蘭盆の節に情霊が還って来たりする考え方は、この類である。 Starting with the view of the human soul of primitive people, to Read More
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